Our Silences

October, 1985

Where does our power lie and how do we school ourselves to use it in the service of what we believe?

How can we use each other’s differences in our common battles for a livable future?

All of our children are prey. How do we raise them not to prey upon themselves and each other?

And this is why we cannot be silent, because our silences will come to testify against us out of the mouths of our children.

Audre Lorde

3 thoughts on “Our Silences

  1. Wisdom, real wisdom can hurt the heart. This slashed mine. Our children deserve to be raised in love and the knowledge that they should love and respect humanity and that only then can we have any chance of stopping the rot from rising. The bit that makes me shiver is that I really and truly think that humankind has lost its way bitterly and that we do not give our children any chance ….. however, I refuse to give up and will continue to try my hardest to spread messages of peace and love and kindness and decency. It is all I can do.

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    1. Your actions speak as loudly as your words. There will always be a ‘someone’ somewhere watching your reaction to the next ‘spit ball’ thrown in your direction.
      I wholeheartedly believe that any change to be made begins at home and in the community. There will always be copycats. It becomes your own ‘grass roots movement’.
      I know the frustration and heartache you feel. You’re allowed! As you allow me.
      I wondered if the same questions asked by Audre Lorde in 1985 were being asked by people today. If so, not being silent will always be a part of the livable future. I’d like to say, “will always be a part of the solution,” but I don’t believe there’s an ultimate end to any solution anymore, given the complicity of this world’s problems today. Please feel free to prove me wrong people!
      Love you Osyth!

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