A Lighter Moment Needed

Once again I’m in need of a lighter moment. So, here are a few ‘things’ from my file. Each item I have kept has reminded me of a person I know, a person I’ve known or a person I’d like to meet.



Most people are products of their time. Only the rare few are its creators.

Maria Popova



Screenshot_20180128-133758-picsay.pngWritten by Ruth Krauss/Illustration by Maurice Sendak



“Being in love — falling in love” — now I understand it — now I know what it means — what happens to me when I am writing: I am in love with the work, the subject, the characters, and while it goes on & a while after, the opus itself. — I function only by falling in love: with French and France; with the 15th Century; with microbiology, cosmology, sleep research, etc. at various times — I could not have written A Week in the Country without having fallen in love with current DNA research! … What it is I suppose is the creative condition as expressed in human emotion and mood — So it comes out curiously the same whether sexual or spiritual or aesthetic or intellectual.

Ursula K. Le Guin



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