4 thoughts on “On the frontline of the homelessness crisis in the western US

  1. Like sweeping rubbish … moving piles of leaves around. No humanity. Nothing kind. Just get it out of my backyard. Let the rats do what they will. Who cares? The issues are complex, of course we know that and there is no one size fits all story for people who find themselves on the streets but as soon as they do they become worthless, not counting for anything. No more considered people. The problems are fixable but first the majority have to sign up to this not being OK, to knowing that they too might be affected one day, just like that out of the blue. It happens. Take the arrogant glasses off and accept that we all have responsibility and that we all need to say enough. Until that happens then the homeless will continue to be treated like detritus and in nobodies handbook should that be even remotely acceptable.

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    1. I ‘m looking forward to your influence within and apon this country.
      I have to remind myself that the homeless along with any labeled group are a reflection of our society (the majority). You know… the good, the bad, the kind, the unkind, etc…
      BUT… the profiling, the disregard and the denial of all civil rights cannot be justified, excused and even at times, ever forgiven.

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      1. No it cannot and I feel the pot boiling to the surface and if unchecked it really will boil over. You can’t continue to have such a massive divide and hope to keep any calm for any longer. My husband thinks I should have a show where I just burble and speak my mind. I’m not sure I would be allowed without heavy censorship and that’s the point.

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  2. The only consistent applications of censorship I’m aware of when watching television are the ‘no four letter words’ and ‘no death threats w/intent’. Your timing would be perfect. You’d never run out of topics.
    Nationallly, an unspoken concern of mine is the amount of media coverage Trump is receiving. I’m worried that it is muting issues that need the immediate attention of the public. Such as… police killing blacks, police ambushed and killed, black on white, white on black, black on black, etc… This pot has been boiling and simmering for years. If the race war exploded with no containment from the public, wouldn’t Trump be living out one of his dreams?

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