Baby seal rescued after wandering into Scottish woman’s home

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by Ben Hooper

Nov. 10, 2017 at 1:55 PM

Animal rescuers were summoned to a home in Scotland where the resident reported a baby seal attempting to take shelter inside the house. Photo courtesy of the Scottish SPCA

Nov. 10 (UPI) Animal rescuers in Scotland were summoned to remove a baby seal that repeatedly visited a woman’s garden before venturing into her home. 
The Scottish SPCA said rescuers were summoned Tuesday evening to Susan Smith‘s home in Pitullie, near Fraserburgh, after the baby gray seal sought shelter inside. 

A friend of the Smith said the seal had climbed the rocks to the woman’s garden on multiple occasions.

The Scottish SPCA took the seal to its National Wildlife Rescue Center, where the animal was dubbed Snow White.

“When she arrived at our National Wildlife Rescue Center in Fishcross she was dehydrated and her temperature was a little low. We’ll make sure she gets plenty of hydration before starting her on some fish soup, before moving on to solids,” center manager Colin Seddon said.

He said officials do not recommend people attempt to help baby seals themselves.

“Anyone concerned about a seal pup, including any who appear injured, are found on public beaches or are spotted in unusual places such as non-breeding areas, should give us a call before approaching them,” Seddon said. “We are often contacted about seal pups that are healthy but have been abandoned by their mothers because someone has disturbed them.”





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