~ Aung San Suu Kyi ~ “Her great mistake was actually acceding to power.”

“I chose this article because of the following quote by David Graham.” i’mgoing.home

“Her great mistake was actually acceding to power. Once she became a leader, she had the opportunity to show that she was a real person with real flaws.”

David A. Graham

written by DAVID A. GRAHAM

This week, rather than risk international censure, Suu Kyi decided to skip the UN General Assembly. Yet her immense personal popularity seems to be insulating Burma (and herself) from stronger criticism and a return to the pariah status in which the country long languished—in large part because of its suppression of Suu Kyi’s democratic movement. Her popularity has likely forestalled greater focus on previous rounds of violence directed at the Rohingya, too.

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Does Aung San Suu Kyi Still Deserve a Nobel Prize?



3 thoughts on “~ Aung San Suu Kyi ~ “Her great mistake was actually acceding to power.”

  1. That is a great article and echoes much of what I feel about the Nobel Peace Prize. The act of awarding it should surely be bottled at the moment it is felt the recipient worthy. We none of us know what is ahead. the only other way is not to award Peace Laureate at all. As for Aung San Suu Kyi, I am saddened beyond belief. Such high hopes and seemingly she is sold to the highest bidder and has been bound as surely as she was when languishing under house arrest those years ago. Burma/Myanmar is a complex problem. My brother worked there for a stint 3 years ago and my daughter spent 6 months there recently setting up an office of her marketing agency. They are both saddened but even more sadly not surprised by what is happening because the so called progress that has been made since Burma opened to the world again is surface deep and not at all real – based on the notion that riches can be achieved by allowing Western visitors and welcoming business. I watch with aching heart … yet more ethnic cleansing in my lifetime. I doubt it will ever change.

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