Failure to protect young people who have come out of the shadows and enrolled in  would constitute an abject moral failure. 

1504640468-picsayHelen Kalla

IMG_20170905_120537Scott Dworkin


Brought by parents, these children had no choice in coming here. Now they’ll be sent to countries they’ve never known. Cruel. Not America.

Joe Biden




2 thoughts on ““AN ABJECT MORAL FAILURE”

  1. What needles me is the idea of playing with lives. One administration makes the law another repeals it and there are lives caught in the middle. By all means make a different law if that is what you want but leave out those that are already in the programme. As a point of interest I have now been waiting 4 years for my ‘Green Card’ following the process set out by USCIS to the letter.

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    1. Are you ready for my ‘second guessing’ skills regarding D.T.? 😲oh no!
      Even with the ‘half assed’ announcement to END DACA yesterday, I still believe that the finale is only a possibility, not a probability. I tracked both Twitter and Periscope yesterday. I read three different action declarations to be implemented per D.T. This leaves the DACA members and applicants fearful. Fearful of the DACA ending and (this is D.T.’s Ace Card) the fear of not knowing WTFs going to happen! He wants the fear and the anxiety to evolve into anger and violence. Now D.T. would be able to showcase our Law Inforcement Officers with their new (old) military gear. The casualty of war, of intised riots leave officers, the people and the children in the wrong place at the wrong time injured and dead. The DACA law student today will become a murderer tomorrow. In Thumper’s (D.T.’s) mind, that’s a WIN and THE END OF DACA. He won’t take responsibility for starting this train wreck, it will be his justification for a mass deportation effort.

      There’s more to be guessed, but I’m tired. Love you Osyth and I will see you here.


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