Week of the Bomb: Thursday


“I agree with Tim Miller’s (word and silence) thoughts and conclusions about weapons of war, but facing my beliefs about the destruction of war and the facts trailing close behind them is painful, very painful. It would be easier to turn my head and avoid all related articles describing a past that has been and a future I believe will be. Sometimes I have to just ‘be still’ and stand face to face with what may be.”



SOURCE: Week of the Bomb: Thursday

9 thoughts on “Week of the Bomb: Thursday

    1. Our memories and our history explain what has happened and what can happen. In other words, what is possible.
      What if, what if we change our ‘mind set’. It would evolve from a statement or an observation made in another story written by Tim Miller. This was said after the Civil War referring to future generations.

      “Will we only focus on the understandable bitterness of our mother’s brother & our father’s uncle & our family’s old hometown—or will we find something better to do with all the memories: & will we rise somewhere in the air, where we can forget ourselves, finally.”

      When teaching what has been done, are we not teaching what can be done. Memories are about self, about ourselves. It’s difficult to explain within a comment.😐

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      1. My maternal Grandmother had both her youngest children in the car when the doctor flagged her down … my Grandfather had contacted him with the news that my uncle, her eldest son, was dead in the desert (Syria) and was concerned that she might hear from the press, my Grandfather being the highest ranking admiral in the Service and a friend of the King and of Churchill. My mother remembers her getting back into the car and saying ‘those bastards have killed our John’. Later, about 20 years later, she would see her second son marry a German. She never flinched, never blamed, never demurred, just welcomed Ilona into her family and into her heart. That is the attitude we all need. But until we ALL bin the bitterness and face the fear there will still be the posturing that can, when it runs like a laddered stocking, be the start of war. I understand what you are saying about teaching about what can be done by teaching about what was done. And as ever, I agree and think you have hit a very painful nail on its head 😞

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        1. Your Grandmother proves once again to be an amazing woman.
          I agree, the topic is very painful. I just think if peace is to survive and prevail, we should give it every opportunity to do so. I wish I had a ‘magic wand’.

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          1. Me too – did you knw that the word for a magic wand in French is the same as the clichéd loaf that we eat daily and a conductors baton … baguette! I wish my daily bread was enough. My Granny was extremely wise – I think that generation of women were pretty special. We should learn but instead we look back at their quaint ways and scoff.

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                1. If I may say… I don’t see the gift(?) of storytelling as your purpose in life. I see it as an obligation to the people. It’s not only that the facts are accurate, it’s your ability to connect with the reader. The story becomes memorable. You’ve given the reader an experience, not just a handful of words and numbers to memorize. All in good time.


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