l have never known the specific causes or triggers to my memories. Today I’m feeling ‘Grenfell Tower’. ‘Higher Love’ was the first song I thought of after the 6/14/2017 news broadcast.


‘Higher Love’ Lilly Winwood with [DaD] Steve Winwood (5:48)


12 thoughts on “HIGHER LOVE

  1. May you find peace. May calm of spirit and ease of heart come to you. May you heal of harms and hurts. Be well, look for the energy of the earth and it will surround you. May the harmony with joyful things fill you. Hugs

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  2. This one will haunt for too long. Or not for long enough. Because until the fat cats stop making money at the expense of cutting corners and saying ‘that’ll do fine’ by using cheap materials the most vulnerable will remain at risk. And that will never allow me to sleep. Great choice of song.

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    1. My sleep comes with the feeling of safety. Grenfell residents were given a false belief of safety. I suppose we all allow a certain amount of delusion in our lives, but we don’t expect anyone to take advantage of that allowance. Does that make any sense?

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