9 thoughts on “Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States

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    I like this ideal. I think it has been well proven that most of those in congress are concerned with their own wealth and power than they are for the health and welfare of the people they falsely claim to represent. I would love to hear everyone’s ideas on this. Hugs

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  2. I do not mind people disagreeing with me, however I do ask them to explain why. I am not infallible. I had a high school teacher ( who worked in his spare time for NASA ) who like to say he learned more by listening than he did while talking. He said he already knew what he was going to say, so listening to others may tell him something he did not know. Yes I know asking for people’s opinions ( opinions are like buttholes, everyone has one and no one thinks theirs stink ) could result in getting really stupid or trolling answers. Those I can just ignore. What do you think? I would love to know. Hugs

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  3. My father always said that communication is a two way traffic with the emphasis on listening. Once you have listened, heard and considered the other side, then the conversation can continue. If both sides respect the rules then a truly great debate can take place. The problem is that most wear ear defenders and are only really interested in the sound of their own voice 🙂

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