New photos show atrocities at Syrian military prison

This week, the U.S. State Department released photos showing what they say is a crematorium used to burn the bodies of people hanged in Syria. The State Department says as many as 50 detainees are being hanged each day at Saydnaya Military Prison, and that the crematorium is being used to hide evidence of the killings.


In February, Amnesty exposed the Syrian government’s monstrous campaign to crush dissent by executing between 6,000 and 13,000 civilians in secret at Saydnaya prison.

The names of the Syrian prisoners were called out in the middle of the night.

Most of them were civilians who were convicted after “trials” that lasted one to three minutes. They were moved to a cell in the basement of the prison where they were beaten. They were then taken to another building where they were executed.

Blindfolded, they did not know how or when they would die until the noose was placed around their necks.

These horrific details emerged through a year-long investigation by Amnesty exposing how the Syrian government’s chilling policy of extermination turned Saydnaya prison into a human slaughterhouse.

Following interviews with 84 witnesses — including former Saydnaya prison guards, detainees, judges and lawyers Amnesty reported that the mass hangings described above — which took place once or even twice a week between 2011 and 2015 — were authorized at the highest levels of the Syrian government.

In these five years, as many as 13,000 people, most of them civilians believed to be opposed to the government, were hanged in secret at Saydnaya.

When confronted with our research in an interview, Syrian President al-Assad lashed out at Amnesty, calling our report “fake news.” Contrary to his denials, we have strong reason to believe this murderous routine is ongoing.

We cannot let these crimes against humanity continue to go unpunished.

By Margaret Huang Executive Director, Amnesty International USA


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6 thoughts on “New photos show atrocities at Syrian military prison

  1. I’m 56 years old. That is more than 5 1/2 decades of living. I was born 1 1/2 decades after the end of WW2. I grew up learning about the atrocities that had happened in that war (lest we forget) against a background of images from Vietnam and Northern Ireland, Zimbabwe and South Africa. And Palestine. Let’s not forget Palestine. I became an adult and wanted to stop loop repeat in my head, the awful loop repeat as attentions turned to Iran and Iraq and Afghanistan and Syria …. lest we forget? We forget as soon as we remember. We are, collectively humanUNkind and I have run out of simpletons ideas as to how we stop the reel of real atrocities. I am over 5 and a half decades old and we have learned NOTHING>.

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    1. My motives for posting an article such as this one are to keep a lesser amount of people ‘in the now’ and to bring a greater amount of people back to reality. The hard hitting blow of reality may knock the wind out of you, but… you can’t stay down for the count. The reality of any horrific act becomes the foundation for the person that is willing to go back to square one and begin again and again.
      The amount of years that I have existed in comparison to the amount of real time that the atrocities began on this earth and the present day, are too few in numbers be measured. I believe that all of our efforts are apart of a ‘work in progress’ to reach the human kindness and the understanding we yearn for. No effort will go to waste.
      Thank you for making me think.

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  2. Reblogged this on Scotties Toy Box and commented:

    This is an important read even though the information is hard to deal with. The deep inhumanity of our species to members of our own is numbing and heart breaking. I do not know how that bastard with the death grip on Syria can be stopped now that Russia is protecting and fighting for him, but somehow we must try. tRump will tow the Russian line on this so that makes stopping these horrors even harder. Hugs

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      1. I agree. WE can not impose our wishes and will on others if they don’t want it. That should be clear to everyone by now. However just as we needed help in our revolution from english control, others often need a helping hand. Thanks for the great articles. Hugs

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