• Donald… What is it that you’re trying to protect? Be specific.
  • Is Donald setting the laws and requirements in his favor? If so, WHO AND WHAT is he trying to protect and from WHAT?
  • To succeed in business @ Trump’s level requires the removal of future road blocks at any cost.
  • THINK ABOUT IT, but not for too long.

US government takes animal-welfare data offline:

  • The US Department of Agriculture will no longer make lab inspection results and violations publicly available, citing privacy concerns.
  • *USDA spokesperson Tanya Espinosa would not specify what personal information the agency wanted to protect, but said that it would be impossible to redact it from all the tens of thousands of inspection reports, complaints and enforcement action documents that used to be public.


  1. I fail to understand why making America great again requires making everything less safe for people and animals. He seems driven to destroy all things that help people, that protect or educate them. How does it make a country great to ruin its environment, stop inspecting food for safety, or hiding relevant data from the people who need it. Hugs

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    1. I’m sure my anxiety would go into overload, but I would love to get inside his head. We can all second guess with nothing to back up our statements. I’m guilty. I think that our assumptions are fueling our frustrations and anger even more. He presents himself as a man of contradiction by stating, “I’m going to give the power back to the people,” but he will not answer to us. I want to know why the Congress have their heads up his ass. They are not all like Paul Ryan.
      Maybe Trump is overdue for a full blown press conference where they relentlessly hit him with all of our questions and concerns.
      You got me going ☺.

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  2. For a man that has no formal Political background he has certainly taken to heart the notion that Politicians talk in riddles and don’t ever answer a direct question with a proper answer. In Britain Theresa May (or Maggie May as I prefer to call her for her frightful resemblance to the nemesis named Maggie Thatcher) is doing exactly the same …. Brexit was not the will of the entire population nor even a healthy majority but her answer to every question on HOW she is going to manoeuvre the country blinking and shrinking into the cold light of a new dawn is ‘the people have spoken’. Mr T uses another tired (and unoriginal) strapline ‘make America great again’. Both are laudable desires but backed up with no substance and an increasing suspicion across the world that there are things going on that are not being shared and that we are going to wake up in whatever part of the world we inhabit to the blinding light of the world exploding and a line-up of bonkers leaders announcing that the people wanted this …. I trained as an Ante-Natal teacher when my daughters were small. I worked for an independent organisation called ‘The National Childbirth Trust’ our mission was to give women facing childbirth ‘Informed Choice’. Information is required for people to make reasoned judgements. Without any information people will make assumptions and imagined scenarios which easily spiral out of control. I agree with you that it is time for him to face the questions and give them answers but the problem is that he has been used to bulldozing to get what he needs to get done and he is not at all used to answering questions. In the end we all need someone to listen to and I fear that listening is not his forte which is precisely why and how he was so successful in business – no fear, no hearing just beat through until you get the job done. It does not comfortably equate to being the safe hands in charge of a vast and varied land.

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    1. I agree with your tag of beating through. I might even add beating down prior to beating through.
      Remembering the ‘no riddles if possible’ clause😊 and a need to sum up Trump’s predictable actions, the fewer the words I use, the better the odds. I think that DT is driven by ‘EGO’ and ‘THE WIN’. I prefer to see HUMILITY and SELF CONFIDENCE dominating our President. ‘THE WIN’ will be the most dangerous and costly of the two.

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          1. It is finished! The dots denote my mind switching off because it can’t face the inevitable conclusion of what ‘The Win’ might bring. Win at all costs never has a pretty face. That sort of competitive drive is as ugly as ugly can be and blinds the bearer to any sort of reason.

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